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When it comes to the rising combination popularity now, it's Travis Japan's Arachika. Love letters written for each other while feeling awkward, packed of love of the two ♡

Dear Miyachika
I'm very thankful because Miyachika has been with me, taking care of me and changing my mood. Us Travis Japan, has been quarreling a lot. But because Miyachika has been cheerful, I really survived. Because time came when I pretend to really quit! I'm really embarrassed when we're overly messing around. Well, I forgave easily because it's Miyachika (laughs). We didn't play much lately, I want to go to the pool together if possible. The two of us will ride the water slide. I want the two of us to slide together in that! Miyachika and I will defeat each other playfully in the middle of the slider surely and I wonder if I'll jump into the water while screaming "Uwa~!" (laughs) It was happy even though I just imagined it. Miyachika is my friend but he is also my rival. Please, let's have a good relationship and compete peacefully 5 years or 10 years later. Thank you everyday!
From Aran

To Aran-kun (laughs)
Aran, I essentially miss you a little (that, I wonder if I said that naturally...). There's always something nice about Aran though I always think of your weak points. But simply because I miss you a little, you're fun to be with... after all, I think I love Aran!... Something like this, embarrassing because I never said that seriously (laughs). But I will not forget easily your promise (laughs). If you don't keep your promise properly, we will not play together. Please keep the promise by all means! And the summer this year, Aran is busy in "Playzone". You may be busy but, but let's go somewhere like last year! I want to go with the two of us, but of course, with Traja is OK (laughs). I'm looking forward to it! Anyways, good luck in "Playzone" without the injuries and illnesses until the end. I'll be supporting you!!!
From Miyachika

Speechless ♡
For Arachika shippers like me.
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08 August 2013 @ 11:48 pm
Kakuta Yusei September 2013 magazine interviews.
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08 August 2013 @ 03:52 pm

2 people that came from Aichi Prefecture. What they are doing in their off locally while they have been living in Tokyo and Kansai! They also have a common point as "Nagoya Jr", the two people will present their love in their local Nagoya this time!

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02 August 2013 @ 09:28 pm
Would you take a step into our secret area?

Hagiya Keigo
Born 07.11.1996. From Saitama. Blood type O. Height 175cm.

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31 July 2013 @ 02:45 pm
Smart & Sweet Part 1
We asked the Jrs. who work hard with Marius and So in Sexy Zone's new PV and concerts to talk about „My ?? face“ as well!

Jinguju, Miyachika, Iwahashi, Okamoto, HiranoCollapse )

Please check here for Marius' and So's part!!
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