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07 August 2013 @ 09:49 pm
Myojo May 2012 (Kajiyama Asahi, Miyachika Kaito, Abe Aran, Nakamura Kaito)  

Born in Heisei☆ But appearance and comedy sense is Showa!?

  • If there is a word that can represent me in school, it will be "annoying guy" I think I've made a development in class and not saying funny things. My friends come to me whispering "Be boke!" My character came from my family's influence completely. Niisan is boke. Doing something with a pickled radish in a rice such as "Isoginchaku (sea anemone)" I say it but I was later yelled "Tsukkome ya!" because of not being a tsukkomu. I'm a strange person everyday. But I am fully comedy spirited at home.

  • My dream is to be in a group like SMAP-san! Every member gathered up together. Every individual is respected and playing an active part in the group. Actually, my Okaasan is a fan of Kimura Takuya-san, I even get to watch live ever since I'm inside of her belly. I smile whenever I see them singing, I'm glad to be their fan. Of course, the group is comedy

Kajiyama Asahi Born November 9, 1998. From Okayama Prefecture. Type A. Height = 168cm, Weight = 51kg, Foot size = 25.5cm. Siblings = two older brothers, older sister. Nickname = Kaji. Strength = Can make friends easily. Weakness = A little bit shy. Hobby = Own-styled dancing. Special skill = 3 turns. Favorite color = Purple. Favorite food = Tonkatsu. Hated food = bitter gourd. Favorite subject = Language. Admired Senpai = SMAP.

Whenever there's a laughing challenge, don't be discouraged in any "scene"!

  • I "boke" or sleep in my everyday life! I like to make people laugh. But I'm ending up with everyone's scene when I talk. My Okaasan often said that "The talk will be boring if there is no punchline." I'm currently polishing my "talk that doesn't slip" with my Kansai friend in school.

  • I also become a Jr, in fact, because of my Okaasan. I've been doing soccer a long way since my kindergarten until I turned into 3rd Grade, then my Okaasan suddenly said "This is not your sense of rhythm." Then I attended a dance class, I used to hesitate about it before but it turned out to be fun while I continue. I stopped soccer at 5th Grade, the I auditioned for the Jimusho. There are many muscular dancers! My goal, Imai (Tsubasa)-kun and Yara (Tomoyuki)-kun. If I can perform on stage, like "PLAYZONE", I want to do my best!

Miyachika Kaito Born September 22, 1997. From Tokyo. Type O. Height = 163cm, Weight = 48kg, Foot size = 26.5cm. Siblings = two older brothers, younger sister. Nickname = Miya, Franken! Strength = Do my best to laugh. Weakness = Working hard to laugh and noisy. Hobby = English. Special skill = 3 turns. Favorite color = Blue. Favorite food = Onigiri. Hated food = Shibazuke (A Kyoto specialty pickle made of cucumber, eggplant, perilla leaves shiso, ginger and myoga a mild flavored relative of ginger pickled in plum vinegar umezu, a byproduct of making pickled plums umeboshi). Favorite subject = Physical Education. Admired Senpai = Yaotome Hikaru-kun.

Being boke naturally will bring out a delicious position.

  • I can talk naturally with my friends well. But somehow, it seems like I've been slipping off the talk. The other day in school lunch, they said "Yummy noodles!" and I answered, "Yes! Yummy milk!" I wonder if I've been myself recently. But because I've been playing around with everyone, it's a delicious character, right?

  • Because my name is rare, I want to ask everyone if they remember. The "顕" character, means "strong luck" and sounded like "Alan". My wish to become a world-class child. I often hear "Half?" I'm a pure Japanese I'm admiring Matsumoto Jun-kun, I'm slightly bragging about us having the same birthday. I want to go live (raibu) overseas like Arashi-san, I also want to be out moving the body in their variety show "Arashi ni Shiyagare" because I like sports.

Abe Aran Born August 30, 1997. From Tokyo. Type A. Height = 166cm, Weight = 47kg, Foot size = 26.5cm. Siblings = younger brother. Nickname = Akkun. Strength = I can speak to anyone with ease. Weakness = I easily go with the flow from the opinions of people. Hobby = Acrobatics. Special skill = Baseball. Favorite color = white, purple. Favorite food = Tonkatsu, Croquette, Ice (Cream). Hated food = food that tastes too sweet. Favorite subject = Social Studies. Admired Senpai = Matsumoto Jun-kun.

Boke will bring peace when a tsukkon is around☆

  • I'm addicted in making fried rice recently. Whenever I look at a cooking show, you want to eat it and ending up making for yourself. I like the light taste but you have to sprinkle it to be a delicious fried rice, right? It is difficult, and I haven't succeeded yet. In my off day, I'm lying around in the room all of the time other than cooking. I don't want to move . I put manga on the head of my bed and I'll just reach it and just remains there while I'm still asleep. So that I'm on the top of my bed all day sometimes.

  • I want to try to be in a variety show. Being boke seems natural to me and among the four, Kaji is well being the tsukkomi. So I think I would be good if I'll be in a variety show with a boke character. I've been admiring Yamashita Tomohisa-kun after watching "Kurosagi". He's also cool performing onstage, so I'll also do my best to be a person who can do anything like Yamashita-kun!

Nakamura Kaito Born April 15, 1997. From Tokyo. Type O. Height = 170cm, Weight = 49kg, Foot size = 26.5cm. Siblings = older brother. Nickname = Kai-kun. Strength = Bright and energetic. Weakness = Sulking immediately. Hobby = Making fried rice. Special skill = Dance, Baseball, Handball. Favorite color = blue, red. Favorite food = Fried Rice. Hated food = Cheese. Favorite subject = Physical Education. Admired Senpai = Yamashita Tomohisa-kun, Yaotome Hikaru-kun.

Yay! Not so finally back in translating but I had  free time today, so here~!
This is an old interview but this interview still made me smile. :)
I hope you enjoy this, minna!
Comments are love and very much appreciated!
rr: Gin Tokifaryochanlover on August 7th, 2013 04:08 pm (UTC)
thanks for sharing. I'll start calling Miya Franken from now on. lalala~
king-kun: pic#117703577king_kun on August 7th, 2013 11:48 pm (UTC)
I like Asahi he's my fav member in Travis Japan
he's funny XD .. so the mum and son are fans of SMAP but his mum a fan of Kimura not the other lol!

Thanks so much
sachan: aranxdaisukesarachii on August 8th, 2013 04:29 am (UTC)
thank you :3